I have known Flora for almost a decade in many capacities through the yoga and ayurveda communities of Amsterdam. We have taught together at the Yoga Community, where I serve as director, and I have received ayurvedic massages and consultations from her. I have immense respect and admiration for who Flora is - she operates professionally, personally, and socially with a beautifully special grace, wisdom and humor. She emanates calm and is very easy to open up to and to trust. She is a wonderful healer and overall superb being - I give my full recommendation to anyone who comes her way.
— Susan Nicolas; The Yoga Community, Amsterdam

I got the pleasure of meeting Flora many years back when we worked together and we have remained friends ever since. Our common interest in yoga and eastern medicine has often been the culprit for hours spent chatting over a tea. At the time, she was studying Ayurvedic medicine and teaching yoga. I can’t remember how many times I went to her yoga classes and got a treatment from her but there were quite a few of them but what I can tell you is how I felt during and after. I was going through a bit of a challenging time in my life and to put it plainly, I was not in my happiest moments. Flora helped me through that. The massages were done with a soft but steady touch and allowed me the opportunity to get back to myself while feeling an overall warm and tingly feeling all over. She even used special oil more suited for my type of personality and to help with my skin because I suffered from Psoriasis. She helped me relax my muscles and my mind. It wasn’t only the massage though. She really listened to me and gave me useful practical tips on how I could improve my health, happiness and my overall wellbeing. She helped me realize that although she was there to support me and help me cure my physical and emotional ailments the person who was really going to make a difference is me.
— Andrea Lenczewski; Freelance Designer, Barcelona

Flora is a wonderful soul with a very warm heart. Since I have first met Flora around 2003 she has grown from a dedicated yoga practitioner into a dedicated yoga teacher and later bringing this same dedication into her study and work with the ancient knowledge of ayurveda. Flora has both a very broad knowledge of yoga & ayurveda and even more importantly, has experienced this way of life deeply herself. Her experience and inspiration can be clearly felt in the way she presents herself - from her dealings with people which are diplomatic, fair and ethical to the way she looks after herself with ayurvedic nutrition and lifestyle. Flora has already studied indepth and at the same time she is the perpetual student showing a yearning to explore the science and herself deeper - this to me is a sign of a good practitioner. I feel inspired knowing Flora and can highly recommend her to anyone who wishes to work or study with her.
— Liese van Dam; Ayurvedic Practitioner & Yoga teacher, www.shantiyoga.nl

Dear Flora,
Please accept this as a small thank you for your time and excellent consultation yesterday... I believe this will be a rewarding practice. Again, my sincere thanks to you. Peace and Blessings.
— David; Retired military, USA