Private Consultations


As a qualified Ayurvedic therapist I offer private consultations with the aim of identifying one's Prakruti, i.e. constitution or predominant Doshas.

This consultation is done in person because traditional techniques such as pulse diagnosis and behavioural, as well as physical assessments, need to be carried out.

The consultation is mostly based on a conversation around a standard questionnaire I've developed to reconstruct a portrait of your personality and routines that is as accurate as possible. This will then be the base for tailoring a possible new exercise plan, diet, rituals and or affirmations that work for you, as a unique individual.

Although a one off consultation is possible, it is recommended to have a minimum of 3 within a 12 month period, not only to confirm the determined Dosha against seasonal changes, but also to fine tune changes towards an ideal regimen.

An ideal regimen is one that supports psychologically, emotionally and physically. Routines are by default our preferred mode of interaction with our surrounding environment according to our chosen schedule. Ideally, we choose inspiring schedules and tailor healthy habits around said schedules. The aim of healthy routines should be to support our journey through life by maintaining our prime physical shape as well as furthering mastery of our emotional state, and allowing for an ever expansive mental function, that may grant us fulfilling pleasure or spiritual advancement. Unfortunately, this isn't always the case as life's traumas, big and small, lead us astray. When this happens, it is most useful to use others as a mirror towards inner inquiry, re-acquaint ourselves with our truth and correct our course. An Ayurvedic consultation is exactly this - assessing our true nature so that we may build the most appropriate route towards our happiness.



3rd consultation for $30 only if booked within 12 months from the first two!


Online Coaching


Can't come to the South Caribbean of Costa Rica for a private consultation?

Don't worry, online consultations are now available! Take advantage of this option if you want to:

  • Do the work it takes to improve your quality of life

  • Learn more about Ayurveda and how it can help you bring a healthy change

  • Learn more about a balanced diet

  • Learn more about a vegetarian/vegan diet

  • Learn about pantry economy and how to create easy recipes

  • Get advise on using modalities from different traditions

  • Design rituals that support your lifestyle

  • Identify the best Yoga style and personal routine for you

  • Get encouragement and assessment along the way

  • Identify natural self care techniques that are safe for you

  • Ask anything about ancestral practices

  • Get self care support as a woman of colour

Call dates & times: Wednesday - Thursdays - Sundays from 10am to 5pm.


special offer:

Combo pack of 5 calls for just $222.99

(Non-refundable, advance payments only)


Cooking Workshops

3.5 hours USD 25

For a minimum of 4 attendants, I offer cooking workshops at my space, here in Costa Rica.

These workshops are designed in a practical and hands on way so you'll get a chance to get your hands dirty and get cooking! The class includes:

  • Theoretical intro to Ayurvedic cooking principles

  • Meal preparation

  • Food sharing and enjoying at the table

  • Discussion

  • Tiding up!

Any left overs are carried home so make sure to bring your container(s).

Other things needed for the class:

  • Your favourite vegetable based ingredient

  • Pen & Paper for taking notes

  • Your lovely vibe ;)

If you cover the transport I'm more than happy to travel to you.


special offer:

Local’s discount applies

Ask for details





I've been offering lectures on Ayurveda since 2013.

Ever since I graduated from my Practitioner's course, it was clear that my calling was in the direction of interpreting, explaining and elaborating what I learned. The blending of this information with what constitutes our psyche is what fuels the passion for what I do.

Since Vedanta Yoga marks the proper beginning of my Spiritual path, I find it irresistible not to inquire into the workings of the mind and how it is affected by the exposure to ancestral knowledge - or indeed the lack there of!

I strongly believe that despite our wealth of information, we seem to lack the basic understandings of what it is to be human beings. We pride ourselves on being part of a modern society that has fought it's way out of the unpredictable grip of nature's wrath. Yet the truth is that such a statement is itself negating our very own inherent feature. What we are is Beings of Nature. Only an antiquated system of patriarchal hierarchy could assume that perfection is to be found outside of what exists; as if to imply that Man could do better that the Universe itself (or the forces behind it). The alternative is to understand what Nature is and how we fit within it, our role and mechanics. Ayurveda and other Nature based Ancestral traditions have been keepers of these instructions since time immemorial. Indeed, these ancient instructions have to be understood thoroughly in order to be applied. This is specially true for our modern society which has mutated undeniably since our predecessors who so diligently compiled these ancient sciences. It is my greatest honour to be an advocate for such ancestral wisdoms and present them at my lectures in a way that is relevant to my audience.

 I lecture on a number of different topics, always tailored to demand. Here are some examples of preferred topics: 

  • Samkhya Cosmology - the origins of our universe, the five elements and the basics to Ayurvedic thinking

  • The Six flavours - Ayurvedic cooking principles and basics to a healthy diet

  • Dinacharya and Ritucharya - modern Daily and Seasonal routines for syncing back into Nature

  • The Doshas - characteristics of the Human mechanics

  • Sub-Doshas, Dhatus & Samprapti - a more advanced discussion on Ayurveda


Language Interpretation

Ever since I graduated from my Practitioner's course, it was clear that my calling was in the direction of interpreting, explaining and elaborating what I learned. Being fluent in 5 languages possibly facilitates this ability to process information simultaneously into different categories.

As a child I grew up trilingual. Later I came to discover I could merge my language talent with my capacity to elaborate subjects in a layered fashion. This turns out to be specially useful when translating on metaphysical subjects. For me, interpreting becomes a meditation. Here's a snippet of what I do: My work is said to keep the conversation fluid, whilst being respectful of the lecturer by giving them appropriate time to elaborate their sentences.

 Fluent in: English, French, Italian, Dutch, Spanish.

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Menu Design

Since owning a restaurant, I have become used to designing practical menus. Living and working in a remote area with limited resources has thought me how to take into account logistics, avoid wastage and consider cost of ingredients. I have prepared many menus for retreat centres as well as numerous retreat programs. All menus are vegetarian or vegan. I find businesses have a hard time understanding the needs of their plant base customers, often abandoning their endeavours because of high ingredient costs or the inability to create great veg dishes that integrate into their existing menu. That's where I like to help!

Contact me now for designing the perfect healthy menu for your event or business!